Welcome to my 3D portfolio that contains private as well as commercial work. Feel free to look around.
02/24/18: Showreel updated.
Vimeo recommended for now. I need a better host for the version embedded on this site.
07/20/17: The current state of my reel and shots I'm working on can also be watched on Vimeo.
Architectural / Scenes
This category holds interior as well as
environmental scenes both, fictional and
non fictional.

Take me there
From concept to final rendering.
Here you find different characters I made
for customers or for personal use.

Have a look
In this section you find product visualizations
and other models.

Let's go
Berlin appartment/ interior visualization 2014
Archer/ personal project, 2013
Mascot/ SparkassenVersicherung, 2013
Pippo the Christmas Bear/
Heye GmbH,
Character Design
Visualization/ Models
Fictional appartment, 2014/ WIP

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