Ficticious hangar in a ficticious space station in a ficticious universe.
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3d Science Fiction Hangar
Space station - Hangar (WIP)
3d Science Fiction Hangar - AO pass
Space station - Hangar - Ambient Occlusion pass
This is a remake of a ficticious space station hangar I rendered back in 2007 (original image below).
Since all I could think about when starting with 3D was spaceships, I felt the urge to assemble them within a somewhat "spacy" environment.

3d Science Fiction Hangar - Wireframe
Space station - Hangar Wireframes
Just like the Berlin interior scene you can find in this section I am reworking this one in the same way, which is linear space and different passes which will then be used for a final composition.
3d Science Fiction Hangar - 2007
Space station - Hangar 2007
Orignial rendering from 2007.
Berlin appartment
Hangar/ wip
Interior/ wip
Castle/ wip
If I was little ...
Listros Gallerie
Gonotec/ interior animation