WIP of a private animation project.
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3d character phlat
Phlat - Model/Rig (WIP)
3d character phlat saucer
Saucer - wireframe
This is Phlat and his pizza delivery saucer Funghi 48.
It's predecessors were wrecked during 47 landing attempts on parking bays.
Phlat might be the only pizza deliverer without a flyers license and
should never be allowed to even touch a saucer.
It's unknown whether any of his customers ever received a pizza.

3d character phlat saucer parking
Parking bays and character - wip
While I first started to rig the character with advanced skeleton,
a good rigger friend and former colleague who obviously had too
much spare time offered to rig it for me using TSM.
Thorsten Schulz genannt Schön
GridBot in the Visionaire Engine
SV Car
Christmas Bear
Coming up
Coming up